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Australasian Health Development Network (AHD Network)

Australasian Health Development Network (AHD Network) was established by leading Public Health Nutritionist’s Ros Sambell and Dr Amanda Devine to provide menu planning, nutrition education, leadership and mentoring services to Early Years Services.

Menu Planning

AHD Network has developed an online Menu Planning Tool (MPT) to assist services in determining adequate food group provision for clients whilst they are in care based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADG). This information will also provide evidence for your centre's accreditation in Quality Area 2.2.1 of the National Quality Framework.

The main benefits of assessing your menu are to reduce expenditure on ingredients by reducing wastage, whilst optimising nutrition for children whilst in care.

Included in the subscription:

• Printable recipes on standardised recipe sheets to allow for recipe costing
• Printable weekly menu plan for centre display
• Weekly shopping list – that groups ingredients to save time, money and reduce waste
• Menu planning report for food group provision by age group based on the ADG recommendations - excellent resource to demonstrate food provision for accreditation purposes.
• Suggestions for food group improvements when reports are run, responding to under or over provision
• Continued database storage of recipes and reports
• Ability to build menu’s from centre’s database of recipe’s

Nutrition Education

Effective nutrition education establishes a level of competence in the area of food and nutrition service. Appropriate face to face, in-service delivery is required regularly to optimise the skill set of the workforce. Face to face delivery has been proven to be the most effective method of mobilising change in a workplace. AHD Network can provide interactive education sessions for staff (including customised sessions for Food Coordinators) and parents.

The goal of in-service training is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills they need to gain to make decisions around food provision for children in your care. The sessions can be delivered on site or at a local venue. Sessions can be customised or please see our website for sessions currently available.


Becoming an "Effective Manager" requires many skills including leadership and management. AHD Network, in consultation with industry, has developed a hands-on leadership workshop for new and emerging leaders. Social service sector competencies are the basis for all information sharing. AHD Network can customize a program to meet your organisations’ needs and deliver a specific leadership training course to assist the development of your business.

Group sizes are kept to a maximum 20 to optimise group work. Two 4-hour workshops, for each module, consolidate work and provide time between sessions for business action and integration, reflective practice and discussion in the final session.

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For more information on AHD Network and the services offered to the Early Year’s Service’s contact us or visit our website:
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