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National Sanitisation Services Pty Ltd is a thought and industry leader in specialist deep cleaning solutions. With tried and tested policies and procedures, highly trained and committed workforce backed by years in the trade, National Sanitisation Services is truly your go to partner in hygiene when safety and discretion is paramount.

With the ability to mobilise large numbers of highly trained staff on time critical requirements, National Sanitisation Services believes that our staff engagement and retention is one of the contributing factors in maintaining an advantage over our competitors. This plus our strict compliance and adherence to industry and safety standards, including our commitment that our staff are paid on time every time and that all of their legal entitlements are met and exceeded, gives you peace of mind and surety that the service you are receiving is producing the best possible outcomes and results for all stakeholders.

National Sanitisation Services offers more than our competitors across a broad spectrum of value add services to ensure that we are not just viewed as a contractor, but to embed ourselves as your partner in care. We take a holistic approach to service delivery by providing solutions, flexibility and delivering on actionables defined in the scope of the services suite.

Some of these additional services are, but not limited to:

Training – Our staff undergo rigorous safety and procedural training in all aspects of deep, high touch point, preventative and corrective contamination cleaning. This includes, but is not limited to; donning and doffing PPE; correct mixing and measuring of chemicals techniques; safety procedures; application and delivery of chemicals on specific surfaces. National Sanitisation Services also provides that same level of training to your staff should you wish to train your own team of inhouse contractors / staff.

Cleaning – Constant qualitative cleaning and testing as a preventative measure continues to be the best response in preventing outbreaks or clusters of any types of infection or influenza by incorporating the use of TGA approved chemicals that are compliant with Australian Standards.

Independent Testing - National Sanitisation Services employ an “Occupational Hygienist” as our Bio-Hazard control and validation expert. He oversees testing and certification and ensures that our robust processes are achieving results. He will not certify a site until it meets all the scientific criteria and hazard controls.

Cleaning Products – Our suppliers are Western Australian that source and make the products we use locally; they provide training on mixing and handling as well as supplying all statutory information on Material Data Safety Sheets (MDSS). As a Western Australian company National Sanitisation Services are proud to use locally owned and sourced people and products, ensuring an investment back into our community.

Communication - National Sanitisation Services will work with the Centres to ensure all communication with stakeholders is transparent and consistent.

Security and Asset Protection - National Sanitisation Services staffing pool all hold national police clearances, again to give you peace of mind and surety that the service you are paying for is carried out by professionals with your best interests as our priority. Further to this statement National Sanitisation Services engage professional, licensed security officers to maintain the integrity of the mixing stations and completed site areas until such time as the “Occupational Hygienist” can test and be satisfied with the results of the tested area’s. (if facility shutdown is required)

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