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Providing quality initiatives and services to professionals, parents and children – we place children at the centre of our support model. Our services range from professional development and online learning tools, to programs for parents and early learning care for children.


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Training Services

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Our team of highly qualified consultants have real hands-on experience and sector knowledge to support you in all aspects of Educator training and development.


Our on ground presence provides intensive support for directors, coordinators, educational leaders as well as on-floor coaching for contact educators. Regionally located? No problem we can provide support over the phone and online too!


All of our professional development and support activities link theory to practice to establish sustainable learning and quality outcomes:


  • Professional Development Support
  • In-Service Workshops
  • Self-Paced Courses
  • On-Demand Webcasts
  • Support Payment Plans
  • Training Room Hire
Personal Consultancy

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Personal Consultancy goes beyond the one size fits all delivery model. Access the specialised knowledge of our team of highly qualified consultants to provide small group or individual support on specific issues or left-of-centre topics. Additionally, use personal consultancy to provide educator ‘on floor’ coaching (while they work with children) after a workshop to embed practice, affect change and identify practice barriers. We provide resources, action plans, follow-up and progress discussions with you for intensive support just like a Personal Trainer!


Our team of highly qualified consultants have real hands-on experience and can support services at any stage of the National Quality Framework (NQF) from setting up a new service, to assisting your Educators with challenging behaviours – all while linking theory to practice to establish sustainable learning and quality outcomes.

Support can be over the phone or face-to-face at your preferred location. You can choose how you use your Consultancy hours:


  • Assessment & Rating Check-Up
  • Customised Professional Development Courses
  • Educator ‘On-Floor’ Coaching
  • Director and/or Coordinator (Management) Support
  • Phone Support Helpline
  • New Service Startups
  • Deskwork for policies and procedures (Online Learning Centre)


Unsure where to start? Simply tell us what areas require focus and our team of highly qualified consultants can work with you to create a solution that works!

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