Kangarootime Pty Ltd

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Kangarootime, Australia's ultimate All In One Childcare management system. Whether you are a single centre or an organisation, Kangarootime’s software is filled with all the features you need to manage your business successfully. Including, automations, enrolments, support, analytics, staff rostering, invoicing, CCS and much much more Kangarootime's easy migration sets you up for success.


Email: aus@kangarootime.com 

Phone: 1300 993 226

Website address: www.kangarootime.com.au 

o Facebook: www.facebook.com/KangarootimeAUS/ 
o Instagram: www.instagram.com/kangarootimeaus/ 
o Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/kangarootime-australia 

Contact Persons
o Christine Curphey: christine@kangarootime.com
o Delphine Anderson: delphine.chan@kangarootime.com
o Aisha Grewal: aisha.grewal@kangarootime.com


Kangarootime Product Guide 2023 PDF