Who we are: ACA WA is a members advocate association; ACA WA believes in quality education and care for all children in WA.

Our role

ACA WA is the largest peak early learning association in W.A. The Association and its members are committed to bringing together (at state and federal level) industry, government, and community to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and families.

Members are represented by a diverse Committee from LDC, OSHC, Private, Community and Rural and Remote early learning services. The Committee has federal and state representation which ensures that the voice of the WA sector is heard, and over the years has been successful in opposing and enacting many changes to the regulations in which we operate. ACA WA is also represented on a wide range of Committees and Task Forces that are focused on many aspects of the early education and care of children. ACA WA in conjunction with our Federal Body, Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA), also makes regular submissions to Government (both State and Federal) on Training, Industrial Relations, Government Reviews, Policy and Regulations.

ACA WA also supports Members with inquiries on issues such as Training, Industrial Relations and Regulations, and responds to inquiries and concerns from non-members and the public on subjects relating to the care of children.

ACA WA is committed to keeping members informed with current issues, supporting members with concerns and sourcing material that would benefit the successful running of an early learning service. We believe that the Association should maintain a positive working relationship with all members, and work towards achievable goals. 

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